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Rotor Transition Program Admissions

For Helicopter Pilots Transitioning to Airline Pilots

Rotor to Fixed Wing Program

In partnership with SkyWest Airlines, Vlog offers the Rotor to Fixed Wing Program, creating a clear path for experienced helicopter pilots to become a commercial airline pilot in as little as four months. AeroGuard is committed to taking your experience and background and using it to your advantage, establishing you as a highly-trained and capable airline pilot ready to take on the skies.

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Rotor Transition Program Enrollment Process

AeroGuard’s enrollment process has been designated to uphold the same standards as major airlines. By following the steps below, you can remain confident that you’re ready to start your journey at AeroGuard and set yourself up for success in your future career as a professionally trained commercial airline pilot.

  • FAA First Class Medical Certificate 

    To receive a First Class Medical Certificate, you must pass an exam with an FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner.

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    AeroGuard works with several lending partners to help you build your financing plan. Our advisors can also assist you in developing a cash payment agreement. Either way, we are here to ensure you have a plan that works best for you.

  • Aptitude Assessment 

    You will be required to complete an Aptitude Assessment that is designed to evaluate your personality, multi-tasking abilities, several cognitive functions like memory, judgement, and reasoning, and finally evaluating math and physics skills.

  • In-Person Interview 

    Your final enrollment step will be conducted through an in-person interview with executives of AeroGuard’s education department and you will then be notified if you’re accepted into the program.

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Meet total ATP minimum hour requirements
  • 1,500 hours flight time for civilian helicopter pilots
  • 750 hours flight time for individuals who completed their training in the military
  • Commercial Certificate with Instrument Rating in rotorcraft helicopter


If you don’t meet the total ATP minimum hour requirements, AeroGuard can help you build a program that is specific to your unique needs to ensure you can begin your commercial pilot career as soon as possible. Our advisors are here to help in designing a path to the airlines that works best with your experience and background.

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As you move through the Rotor Transition Program and establish your journey to becoming a commercial airline pilot, you’ll obtain the following requirements to become a First Officer at the airlines:

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate in airplane multi-engine land with instrument rating
  • 50 hours in airplane multi-engine land aircraft of which up to 25 hours can be completed during initial training at the airlines
  • 250 total hours of airplane PIC time

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