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International Student Admissions

AeroGuard is Dedicated to Providing High-Quality Training Programs for International Students

Why Choose AeroGuard for Your Flight Training

Vlog offers an industry-leading flight training environment that values professionalism and preparing students for their future careers as highly trained and qualified commercial airline pilots. With customized programs that have been designed to provide enhanced flight training at an accelerated rate, AeroGuard is able to tailor our programs to meet specific country or airline requirements. AeroGuard is committed to providing every student with the resources and support they need to establish a strong foundation for their successful pilot careers. With 20+ years of flight training experience and over 7,000 graduates with a clear path to the major airlines, AeroGuard is well-equipped to welcome students from all over the world to learn, train, and succeed.

Admissions Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • English Proficiency minimum ICAO Level 4 Equivalent
  • Ability to pass an FAA Medically Approved Exam
  • Ability to obtain a Student Visa
  • Ability to obtain a TSA Clearance
  • Ability to fund your flight training program without loans and scholarship assistance

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Enrollment Process

  • Complete an English Assessment and receive a tuition quote
  • Complete Enrollment Agreement and make $1,000 Deposit
  • Obtain a Student Visa
  • Obtain a TSA Clearance
  • Begin Training!

AeroGuard’s International Program Coordinators provide international students with Visa and TSA assistance. We are committed to making this process run smoothly, providing students with a seamless start to their flight training journey in the U.S.

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Costs for flight training will vary depending on the program you choose. Training costs must be paid in full by each individual student, as AeroGuard currently does not offer loan or financial assistance to international students. Upon enrollment, all students will work with AeroGuard’s finance team to create payment schedules for the remainder of the program costs.

To make flight training more financially accessible, we recommend contacting airlines in your country about cadet sponsorship opportunities leading to employment after you complete your training at AeroGuard.

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