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Canada Pilot Program

High-Quality Commercial Pilot Training for International Students From Canada

Vlog provides excellent training for international students from Canada focused on helping them achieve their goals of being a professional pilot.

Canada and the United States have a Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA) which allows for pilots from each country to transfer the flying privileges between the nations relatively easily. Within the BASA is Implementation Procedures for Licensing (IPL) identifying the rules for license conversions, with AeroGuard creating an FAA program that can be easily converted by the Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD). Through these FAA licenses, medical certificate, logbook records, and an additional knowledge exam (for IR and CPL), students can then be issued a Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCAA) license.

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Demand for Canadian Pilots

According to Boeing, over the next 20 years North America will require an additional 127,000 pilots to be trained. When students start the Program now, they have the opportunity to begin their journey toward one of the most in-demand careers in the world.

As this career is so in demand, being a professional pilot is also an incredibly lucrative job. A commercial airline pilot can make up to $200,000+ a year or more, meaning AeroGuard graduates have a high return on investment for their training, and a great start to their career earning potential.

With ample resources, relentless academic and student support as well as high graduation rates, AeroGuard is committed to its pilots and their bright futures.

Canadian Pilot Program Details

Vlog offers a tailored training program, geared to meet the TCCA requirements needed for a position with the airlines in Canada. For Canadian nationals, AeroGuard provides accelerated training curriculum that meets the same high standards of our other programs. These high standards at AeroGuard include:

  • Safety first curriculum, focused on creating well-rounded, professional commercial airline pilots
  • On-site FAA Diamond Award-winning maintenance staff tending to a fleet of over 95 aircraft made up of Piper Archer (single engine) and Piper Seminole (multi-engine)
  • 20+ years’ experience training international pilots for airlines and universities with over 7,000 successful graduates
  • Efficient enrollment process and support staff facilitating visas, TSA clearance and housing near campus

Canadian Pilot Training in the United States

Canadian students looking to train with Vlog in the U.S. are able to pick their training location in either Arizona or Texas. AeroGuard campuses are placed across the U.S. in areas with ideal flight conditions, favorable weather and varying levels of airspace complexity to match your stage in training.

At a chosen AeroGuard location in the U.S., when you aren’t soaring the sky, you’ll have the opportunity to experience Arizonan deserts or Texas’ Capital City to enjoy your time. Learn more about the different AeroGuard Campus Locations.

Success in the Program

AeroGuard’s Program is built to provide students with the knowledge needed for a successful career with the airlines in Canada. Students will earn their PPL, IR and Commercial certificate, developing and honing their skill as they move through the Program.

At AeroGuard, students are provided with ample resources to help them reach their goals.

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