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Deer Valley Airport Flight School


Vlog’s Deer Valley Airport flight school in Phoenix, Arizona offers career-focused programs towards becoming a commercial pilot. This Arizona flight school takes students through accelerated flight training for one of the most in-demand careers in the world. AeroGuard’s student-focused culture and excellent support structure makes it a leading choice for cadets from all over the world who want to launch a successful career as an airline pilot.

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Diverse Experience in Phoenix, Arizona


AeroGuard’s Phoenix flight school, located at the Deer Valley Airport (KDVT), offers excellent opportunities for new students to expand their knowledge and become well-rounded commercial pilots.

AeroGuard’s fleet is home to Piper Archers and Piper Seminoles. Most planes are Air Conditioned for student comfort in the Arizona heat. When our students aren’t flying, they have unlimited access to two RedBird SIM devices for their own practice and mastery. This allows students to place their full focus on specific flight techniques as needed to maximize their skills as an aviator.

At KDVT, students are exposed to a mix of controlled (Class B-E) and uncontrolled (Class G) airspace. There are 24 Class B airspace shelves and 8 Class D airports within 30 nautical miles of Deer Valley Airport as well as 4 special air traffic airspace shelves. Of the 92 different airports in the Phoenix area, 18 are tower controlled. Flying in controlled airspace gives students the opportunity to communicate with air traffic control and become accustomed to using radio communications. The uncontrolled airspace, only a short distance from the airport offers a great location for pilots to exercise flight maneuvers without disturbance.

At AeroGuard’s Phoenix campus, students have access to parallel runways for maximum arrival and departure efficiency, as well as a wide variety of 150+ instrument approaches and procedures surrounding the airport. These opportunities allow students to gain real-world knowledge that sets them apart from the rest.

With an average of 350 flying days a year, students are better able to retain their knowledge and skills due to the ability to have focused and continuous training throughout the year. Arizona’s great climate allows students to stay safe and on track towards their careers.

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AeroGuard Phoenix Campus Location


530 W Deer Valley Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Hours | 8am-5pm | M-F

Campus Phone | 623-233-1630

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Benefits of the Phoenix Flight School Campus


  • Advanced Equipment & Technology
  • Expansive Fleet and Quality Curriculum
  • Financing and Housing Options
  • Pre/Post-Flight Briefing Rooms
  • Official Testing Center for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Written Exams
  • Federal Aviation Regulations Part 145 Repair Station for Around-the-Clock Maintenance Support
  • Professional Dispatch Center
  • Dedicated Academic Advisor and Ground School Workshops
  • And More!


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Opportunity Awaits in Phoenix


For those that are contemplating moving to attend flight school in Arizona, there are plenty of reasons that make Phoenix not only a great place to fly but a great place to live. It is the fifth largest city in the US, and one of the fastest growing in the country. Located in the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is home to four major professional sports teams – Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Coyotes – and holds contracts for MLB’s spring training which is great for any avid sports lover. Any activity you could want you can find in the Valley, from hiking, cycling, fishing, rock climbing and tubing to a plethora of restaurants and festivals featuring music and cuisine from all over the world, there is always something fun to do in Phoenix.

When you’re not flying, Phoenix makes for an amazing home base.

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