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What is an FAA Reduced Hours Course?

FAA Training Regulations


Within the FAA’s regulations for training pilots, there are specific flight hour requirements that must be met at each stage as a way for the FAA to control the amount of experience a pilot has to received towards a qualification or rating.

For students training within FAA Part 61, these flight hour requirements are the highest as Part 61 is the most flexible with the FAA. So with no specifically set curriculum, students and instructors can practice flight maneuvers as they see fit each day and in each mission.

By contrast an FAA Part 141 course has lower flight requirements as the course curriculum itself has been reviewed and approved by the FAA. With this set structure, timeframe and mission objectives ensuring structure and quality, the FAA is willing to accept fewer hours as a minimum amount of experience for a pilot.

A Reduced Hours Course is an extension of this FAA 141 Approval, meaning the number of hours specifically required within a 141 course is further reduced beyond their minimum. Therefore, based on the FAA reviewing and approving a course curriculum, along with the wider training environment, processes and staff, a Reduced Hours course can be approved at an amount of flight hours lower than the 141 minimum.

Course Comparison


AeroGuard is pleased to announce recent approval of a Reduced Hours course for our Commercial Pilots License that will save students time and expense in gaining the skills and licenses they need to become a professional airline pilot. These flight hour comparisons are as follows;

Part 61 Part 141 AeroGuard’s Course
Minimum Total Flight + Sim Hours 250 220 165

Minimum Total Flight Hours 200 192 148

Accelerate Your Pilot Career


In AeroGuard’s FAA Reduced Hours Course, a student with can complete their Commercial Pilot License in as little as 165 Total hours, compared to 250 for students training in a Part 61 environment which is common at most flight schools.

This reduction of required hours is specifically due to the FAA’s approval of AeroGuard’s curriculum, training environment and personnel, with a strong focus on quality, safety and professionalism. In this way, students are able to save time and up to 15% in training costs, without a reduction in quality or through the cutting of corners.

Because of the nature of the course, the AeroGuard Reduced hours course is only available for students who start their PPL with AeroGuard as this course sets a strong foundation for future success, establishing good habits and strong base of knowledge. Additionally this course is only available at certain, approved, AeroGuard campus locations.

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Course Benefits


Up To 35% Fewer Total Hours & 25% Fewer Flight Hours

Significant Savings In Student Expense & Training Timeline – Up to 15% or more

Same High-Quality Training, Professionally Focused Curriculum & Training Environment

Access To SkyWest Partnership Program

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